QIVICON Media information - August 8, 2014

Bonn, August 8, 2014

QIVICON Smart Home platform opts for Open Source


- QIVICON joins Eclipse Foundation

- Open source project shapes future of Smart Home

- QIVICON relies on open interfaces

Deutsche Telekom has joined the Eclipse Foundation international open source community as a solution member and its cross-vendor Smart Home platform QIVICON has been opened up for developers and programmers as it continues to establish itself as a smart home control standard.

The Eclipse Foundation is one of the world’s largest independent developer communities and offers many companies and developers an opportunity to help shape the future of the Smart Home. Telekom supports Eclipse’s SmartHome project with contributions of its own and will use the emerging open source technology as a core building block of its QIVICON Smart Home platform.

To enable developers to write applications and control appliances in the Smart Home, QIVICON will in the future open up its programming interfaces step by step. The aim is to develop an open, cross-vendor solution as an interface to other Smart Home protocols and applications.

“The Smart Home market continues to suffer from the fact that many solutions are not mutually compatible,” says Holger Knöpke, Head of Connected Home at Telekom. “With over 30 partners the cross-vendor QIVICON platform is the solution with the world’s most partner offerings and is increasingly developing into the Smart Home standard. To accelerate this standardization process we are opening our interfaces so that partner companies, developers and end customers can derive even more benefit from the new opportunities that home control offers.”

IFA visitors can experience and test QIVICON and its partners’ products at Booth 100 in Hall 4.2.

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QIVICON is an alliance of leading German industrial companies, initiated by Deutsche Telekom AG with the aim of promoting the field of Smart Home technology and providing solutions for customers on a multi-manufacturer basis. Together with its partners EnBW, eQ-3, Miele and Samsung, Deutsche Telekom is developing a platform that covers areas such as energy efficiency, security and convenience in the home for people of every age group. QIVICON enables appliances and functions from different brands to be combined easily in the Smart Home. More: www.qivicon.com | https://shop.qivicon.com | www.youtube.com/qivicon